Terms of Sale and Delivery for Nautronic

1.   Application

1.1  Orgalime S2000 shall apply to all orders in the absence of any other agreement made in  
       writing between the parties.

1.2  The buyer’s attention is drawn to the fact that Orgalime S2000 contains rules for time of
       delivery and delay, product liability, retention of title, liability for defects and force

2.  Offers

2.1  Offers are open for 30 days from the date of the offer subject to the goods being unsold.

2.2  Offers are based on current prices exclusive of VAT. The seller reserves the right to make
       reasonable price changes until the date of delivery corresponding to changes in foreign
       exchange rates, purchase prices, tariff rates, freight charges and any other conditions
       beyond the seller’s control.

3.   Delivery

3.1  If the agreed delivery time is exceeded with more than 4 weeks the buyer can set a >
       reasonable deadline for delivery. If this deadline is also exceeded the buyer can
       terminate the contract. Furthermore, the buyer is entitled to compensation when the 4
       weeks expire. The compensation, which is to be calculated in agreement with Orgalime
       S2000, is only demandable as far as the buyer proves to have suffered an equivalent

4.   Disputes

4.1   All disputes arising out of or in connection with the contract shall be finally settled by the
       ordinary courts of law with the City Court of Skanderborg as proper venue. In the
       absence of any other express agreement, all disputes shall be finally settled in
       accordance with the statutory rules in the country of the seller’s domicile.